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Shure BLX2/SM58 H8E

The Shure BLX2/SM58 Wireless Handheld Transmitter gives you easy setup and operation and world-class sound quality, courtesy of its integrated SM58 microphone capsule. The lightweight, tour-tough BLX2/SM58 sports Group and Channel selection buttons for quick, hassle-free frequency matching, while a 2-color LED keeps you status savvy. With up to 14 hours of operation on two AAs and transmission of up to 300', the BLX2/SM58 is up for any gig. Enjoy legendary Shure sound and performance. Take the stage confidently with the Shure BLX2/SM58.

Convenient and easy to use
Providing up to 14 hours of use with two AA batteries, Shure's BLX Series transmitters let you perform with confidence. And when it comes to frequency selection, Shure BLX makes it easy with Group and Channel selection buttons that give you fast, convenient frequency matching.

Ready to rock, right out of the box
If you're ready to go wireless, Shure's BLX wireless systems are a smart, affordable choice. Take the stage confidently, backed up by Shure's legendary microphones, decades of wireless design experience, and tour-tested build quality. Available in a broad selection of bodypack and handheld configurations, BLX vocal, guitar, headset, and presenter systems are ready to rock, right out of the box.

Versatile and expandable
A choice of single-channel, single-channel half-rack, and dual-channel receivers, as well as vocal, guitar, headset, and lavalier options make Shure's BLX wireless systems quite versatile. And the ability to run up to 12 compatible systems per band protects your investment, letting you start out modestly and expand as necessary.

BE frequency range!

Shure BLX2/SM58 H8E

Shure BLX2/SM58 H8E

Sint-Angela Montfort
Werkt probleemloos, erg goede klankopname, weinig 'plop' en goed zuiver.

Shure BLX2/SM58 H8E


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