Showtec Powerdrive Adapter 32mm accessory for stand/rigging/truss
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Showtec Powerdrive Adapter 32mm

There are probably situations in which you only want to put one (LED) par or light effect on a tripod. Hanging the par or effect on the T-bar is not safe, because the tripod is then no longer in balance and there is a good chance that it will fall over. Nevertheless, it is possible to attach only one fixture to the tripod, namely with this Powerdrive tripod adapter from Showtec. This adapter can be screwed on a tripod tube with a diameter of 32 millimeters and has a top screw with which the light effect can be fixed.

Showtec Powerdrive Adapter 32mm

•Powerdrive tripod adapter
•Fits on a 32mm tripod tube
•Equipped with a top screw
•Colour black

Showtec Powerdrive Adapter 32mm


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