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Showtec LED Dim Pro

RGB, RGBW or RGBA LED strips; you probably know them. They are strips with red, green, blue and possibly white or amber-colored LEDs. The LED strips usually work at a voltage of 12 or 24 Volt. Do you want them via DMX In addition to a 12 Volt supply or a 24 Volt supply, you also need an LED dimmer.This LED Dim Pro from Showtec is a relatively inexpensive and also very easy to operate LED dimmer.
You may know that LEDs are not dimmed by lowering the voltage, but by flashing them very quickly. The flashing speed, also known as the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) speed, can be set with this LED dimmer. You can choose from a speed of 100 Hertz, a speed of 2 kilohertz, a speed of 8 kilohertz or a speed of 16 kilohertz. You will probably see little difference between the different speeds with the naked eye, but with a camera you will. At too low a speed you will see the flashing of the LEDs on the image. You will not be bothered by this at the high flashing speeds.

It is not necessary to set the DMX start address with this LED dimmer with dip switches. This LED dimmer has a large screen and four push buttons. When this LED dimmer has voltage, a whole menu with options will appear on the screen. You can set the language yourself. English and German are possible, but also Dutch!

Showtec LED Dim Pro

Showtec LED Dim Pro


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