Showtec Galactic RGB1000 3D Laser

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Showtec Galactic RGB1000 3D Laser

As one of the most powerful in the Galactic series from Showtec, the FX RGB-1000 is a true all-round powerhouse. With its three laser diodes, he can create multiple colors through modulation, namely red, yellow, green, blue, purple, cyan and white. The unit can be controlled via DMX and ILDA. As icing on the cake, it is possible to project 3D animations with the FX RGB-1000. As you can see there is no shortage of options.

Showtec Galactic FX RGB-1000: razor-sharp projections
Because the Showtec Galactic FX RGB-1000 has a double scanner built in, the projections are razor sharp. This doubling also ensures that there are far fewer flickers in your projections. This together with the powerful laser diodes that the FX RGB-1000 has on board ensures beautiful, smooth projections. Together with a little smoke, your audience will imagine themselves in a different world.

ILDA stands for International Laser Display Association. This way of laser control has been developed to promote the use of lasers in art, entertainment and education. It only had a nice side effect, via this ILDA connection it is possible to project your own animations and creations via your computer. This of course provides unprecedented possibilities in use during your shows. Think of your own logo that floats above the audience in 3D. The possibilities are endless.

Showtec Galactic RGB1000 3D Laser

Showtec Galactic RGB1000 3D Laser

Showtec Galactic RGB1000 3D Laser


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