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Showtec DIM-4LC

This DIM-4LC, whose LC abbreviation stands for Local Control, is the successor of the Showtec MultiDim Local Control. The main difference between the two models is the addition of the 4 faders found on this DIM-4LC that are missing from the standard version. You can set the dimmer as a dimmer channel, so from 0 to 100% dimmable or as a so-called switch channel. With the latter option you choose switch or on / off. You can also use the dimmer in stand-alone mode or music-controlled, so that the LEDs respond to the beat of the music. Each of the 4 channels of the dimmer can be loaded with a maximum of 3 amps and 12 amps in total. With 17 programs you have enough options to meet all your light needs. Furthermore, the stricter guidelines that apply in the field of legislation and regulations regarding such applications are met.

Showtec DIM-4LC

Showtec DIM-4LC


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