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Showtec DIM-4

This DIM-4 4-channel dimmer from Showtec has many possibilities. The dimmer can be controlled via DMX, but can also be used in stand-alone mode or music controlled. Each channel can be loaded up to a maximum of 3 amps, so in total the device can be loaded up to 12 amps. When using a DMX controller, you can choose whether you want to control each connected LED simultaneously, per 2 channels or separately. However, if you prefer to set the spots to the beat of the music, you can easily indicate this in the specially developed mode on the DIM-4. This Showtec DIM-4 is available as Shuko and as Local Control version. The LC version is particularly interesting if you want more options in stand-alone mode.

Showtec DIM-4

Showtec DIM-4


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