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Seymour Duncan Dimebag Signature Set Zebra

Ultra high output bridge-position blade humbucker built for aggressive playing styles, combined with a warm, smooth neck pickup for fluid solos. Recommended for rock, metal, hard-hitting solos and other heavy rock styles

While Dimebag relied on the the SH-1 '59 neck pickup for many years before collaborating with us on his signature pickup, the completion of the high output Dimebucker made it necessary to switch to the slightly hotter '59. The combination of the Dimebucker (which uses a powerful ceramic magnet coupled with stainless steel blades for vulgar attitude in the bridge) and the bridge version of the '59 used in the neck provides an equal compliment of balance and annihilation. Comes in short legged version with four-conductor hookup cable and its own form-fitting mounting ring..

This set works for all instruments. The double blades make the Dimebucker suitable for both humbucker and Trembucker string spacings. It is available with either a black '59 or zebra. The Dimebucker is available in black only.

Seymour Duncan Dimebag Signature Set Zebra

Seymour Duncan Dimebag Signature Set Zebra

Seymour Duncan Dimebag Signature Set Zebra


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