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Seymour Duncan APB-1 Pro Active P-Bass

Active P-Bass pickup with a modern look and voicing that delivers increased output and punch. Heres a modern take on the P-bass pickup. It boasts a wide tonal range with a sharper attack and more punch, yet without the brittleness that is typical of some active pickups. Harder rock players love the aggressive feel of this pickup. If you are a fingerstyle player, youll appreciate the response as well. The design is based on the old Seymour Duncan Active EQ "Switch" pickups. While we no longer build them with the little switches, we took the most popular switch settings and “hard wired” it for convenience. Has a modern look with a no poles cover.Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the Lightning Rods use ceramic magnets, and come with 3-conductor leadwire.

Seymour Duncan APB-1 Pro Active P-Bass

DCR: 0
Magnet: Ceramic
Cable: 2C Shielded

Seymour Duncan APB-1 Pro Active P-Bass


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