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Seymour Duncan Antiquity Fully Loaded Pickguard For Strat

Get the sound and look of a great vintage Strat! Features three Texas Hot pickups and the artfully aged appearance of our Antiquity line. Each pickguard is a unique work of art personally signed and numbered by Seymour W. Duncan.

Complete setup
Texas Hot Custom Bridge pickup
Texas Hot RWRP (reverse-wound/reverse-polarity) middle pickup
Texas Hot neck pickup

Texas Hot custom bridge pickup
Seymour Duncan's Texas Hot custom bridge pickup is wound hot for juiced output and rotundity. Magnetically and physically aged to look and sound like a pickup from the 1950s, the Texas Hot custom bridge then gets an added dose of punch. Each pickup cover is aged individually, and not simply injection-molded with custom colors to look old. The magnets are carefully calibrated and the coils wound with North polarity - same as the real-deal vintage pups. With this pickup smoldering at the bridge of your Strat, you'll have the perfect launchpad for your attitude-laden lead work.

Texas Hot RW/RP middle pickup
The Texas Hot RW/RP (reverse-wound/reverse-polarity) middle pickup of this set - like all Texas Hots - is painstakingly assembled and hand-wound just like the classics. Duncan design details such as "scatter winding" ensures that your Texas Hot sounds just like a classic Stratocaster should. If you're after that elusive, crunchy Hendrix Hey Joe middle pickup sound, this pup pretty much nails it. As a bonus, the pickup's reverse-winding/reverse-polarity gives you noise canceling in the 2 and 4 switch positions.

Texas Hot neck pickup
You want chime? Seymour Duncan's Texas Hot neck pickup delivers. Like all the Texas Hots, the neck pickup is supremely responsive to your pick attack and your pinkie. Depending on how you have your amp set (and the pedals you have underfoot), a slight twist of your Strat's volume knob can take you from a delightfully spanky rhythm sound to full-on sonic armageddon. With Seymour Duncan's Antiquity Fully Loaded Pickguard, your Strat can do it all.

Available mods
Aged components (white guard, white plastic pickup covers, knobs, screws, and 5-way switch

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Fully Loaded Pickguard For Strat

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Fully Loaded Pickguard For Strat

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Fully Loaded Pickguard For Strat


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