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Seymour Duncan AHB1 Blackouts Humbucker Set Black

9-volt active humbucker for aggressive playing styles. Recommended for old school metal, garage, punk, thrash, drop tunings, and other heavy rock styles.

Before designing Blackouts, we did a little market research. We found that while lots of guitarists love active pickups, many wanted a tone that was more organic, less sterile, less compressed, and with a more extended frequency response. In our efforts to solve those issues we designed Blackouts to use balanced inputs going into a differential preamp. With balanced inputs, not only are Blackouts up to 14dB quieter than the competition, but they also have more lows, more highs, less scooped mids, less compression and a more organic feel. Simply put, the Blackouts have more tone than other active pickups.

The bridge pickup uses a ceramic magnet for power and dynamics and the neck pickup uses an alnico magnet for a smooth breakup. If you like the advantages of active pickups, but you really care about your tone, you'll love Blackouts.

Complete Setup
Blackouts are available in individual neck and bridge models, or as a two-pickup set. All versions come with all necessary mounting hardware, including pots, jack, and a battery clip.

For all humbucker guitars. The blade magnets make this pickup suitable for both humbucker and Trembucker string spacings.

Seymour Duncan AHB1 Blackouts Humbucker Set Black

Seymour Duncan AHB1 Blackouts Humbucker Set Black

Seymour Duncan AHB1 Blackouts Humbucker Set Black


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