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sE Electronics X1 A Red/Black

The X1 A: It could be your first mic, but it'll never be one you want to replace. There's a new entry point to sE's acclaimed X1 Series, and it's breaking the performance barrier (again) for every mic in its class.

The X1 A is the new entry point to sE’s acclaimed X1 Series. It is designed to be the best-in-class offering on the market for home recordists and bringing the heritage of the X1 Series to an expanded user base worldwide.

The whole team has been working very hard on this completely new acoustic design, which delivers an impressively pristine sound that one would expect from a much more expensive product. The new X1 A delivers...

not only best-in-class sound quality at its price point, but also convinces with its useful features, high dynamic range, and impressive workmanship.
Completely new acoustic design

The X1 A delivers the best sound in its class sound quality thanks to its newly-developed acoustic design with a carefully selected condenser capsule. Its pristine sound quality without coloration ensures a wide range of applications. Thanks to its carefully selected capsule it offers an even, well-balanced frequency response.

Also the electronics have also undergone a complete overhaul, and exhibit better specifications and sound - on and off the test bench - than any other microphone in its class.

Attenuation pad & low cut switch

The -20 dB pad switch provides extended dynamic range, enabling a wide range of applications and close-mic techniques for even the loudest instruments...think super-heavy electric guitars, fortissimo brass instruments, and heavy-footed kick drums.

The 100 Hz low-cut switch helps eliminate low-frequency rumble or footfall noise, and compensates for excessive bass with close-mic techniques (proximity effect).

All-metal housing and premium finish

Unlike the cheaply constructed bodies of some other "entry-level" microphones, the X1 A's all-metal chassis provides efficient rejection of any electrical interference and noise - and the high-quality finish ensures a great look for years to come.

Integrated Windscreen

Eliminates the need for an external pop filter, and provides an extra layer of safety and security for the all-important capsule.
Gold-plated XLR connector
Ensures loss-free, reliable signal connection for years and years and years and...
Standard accessories
The X1 A comes complete with a rock-solid, newly designed swivel mic clip and thread adapter to fit with any mic stand. If you need additional rumble control, the X1 A integrates perfectly with sE's Isolation Pack, as well as the Reflexion Filter X - recommended for an instant pro vocal recording setup for your home studio.
From vocals to acoustic instruments to electric guitars or percussion, the X1 A is the perfect choice for any musician seeking a high-quality microphone with an entry-level price tag.

sE Electronics X1 A Red/Black

• 2/3" condenser capsule: Polar Patterns Cardioid
• Frequency range 20 – 20,000 Hz: Sensitivity 20 mV/Pa -34 dBV
• Maximum SPL (0.5% THD) 130 / 150 dBSPL (0/20 dB attenuation path): Equivalent noise level 16 dB(A)
• Dynamic range 114/134 dB (0/20 dB damping pad): Signal-to-noise ratio 78 dB(A)
• Low cut filter 100 Hz, 6 dB/Oct, switchable 4: Damping pad 20 dB, switchable
• Power supply 48 Volt according to IEC 61938: Electrical impedance <50 Ohm
• Recommended load impedance >1k Ohm: Current consumption 4.0 mA
• Connectivity 3-pin male XLR connector: Dimensions Diameter: 58mm (2.28") Length 169mm (6.65")
• Weight 390g (13.8oz.):

sE Electronics X1 A Red/Black


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