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Schlagwerk CP5905

The solid Alder body offers controlled, very dry bass without cross-talking snare noise. The front is fixed with our own OS “Open sound and fully Screwed playing surface” method, typically for the Precise line. Also, on the Precise line we have created a Deluxe version of the “regular” Evo. The front board is laminated with hand-picked one of a kind smoked Walnut veneer. This does not only support the gorgeous visual appearance but also adds more warmth and colour to the overall sound. As the Walnut adds some low end, the Bass tube distracts from the natural sound, therefore it does not come standard with that model.

Schlagwerk CP5905

Playing surface: SC6 walnut, handpicked
Body: solid alder
2 x 4 Strings
Measurements: approx. 30 x 30 x 50 cm
Premium components for best sound and best quality
Sound: full, dry, warm bass, super delicate string response
Sound Characteristics

Schlagwerk CP5905

Schlagwerk CP5905


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