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Schertler STAT-V Pro

A great live performance microphone, the bridge-mounted STAT-V violin & viola sensor is designed to accurately reproduce the warm sound of the instrument’s strings. It gives depth and body to lower strings and reproduces the clarity and brightness of higher ones. Impressively resistant to feedback, STAT-V is a great choice for loud musical environments, or rock /jazz/fusion performances with high levels of amplification.

The standard STAT-V SET includes pickup, cable and battery-powered STAT-PRE preamp with volume control. The STAT-V-PRO includes the sophisticated YELLOW SINGLE preamp while the STAT-V-ROAD includes Schertler’s flagship YELLOW BLENDER. Both preamps come with regulated AC power supply. They also let the player control parameters such as gain, bass, treble, resonance, and more …
Made in Switzerland

Schertler STAT-V Pro

nominal impedance: 2 kOhm
frequency response: 60 Hz to 12 kHz
dynamic range: 70 dB
sensitivity (on instrument): ca. -20dB
temperature range: -10°C to +50°C
contacts: all gold plated
connection: binder to 1/4" jack

Schertler STAT-V Pro


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