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Schertler Pub380H

The PUB 380 active bass extension, together with the PUB 2-280 full range active loudspeaker is one of the best sound engineered combinations available today.

The system is high powered and designed to provide undistorted volume with a proportionately high level of sound pressure. With this system, you will experience the most controlled bass available. No more "Sub-Bass" Distortion, but pure control of bass frequencies.

The PUB 380 (10" woofer - 380 watts RMS) handles only the frequency range 35 to 120 Hz, sending the higher frequencies to one or more PUB 2/280 biamplified speakers systems (8" midrange and compression tweeter - 280 watts RMS). The combination creates an impressive PA system that will put most professional PA systems back the box they came in.
Made in Switzerland

Schertler Pub380H

Inputs and Outputs: 

Balanced Input:
The balanced input makes it possible to connect to the speaker by XLR which optimizes interference and background noise reduction. 

120 Hz Output (dual):
The two balanced outputs allow connection to one or two PUB 2/280 biamplified midrange speaker systems for use as an instrument loudspeaker system or as a full range PA system. 

Parallel Line Out:
This output permits delivery of the input signal to other powered speakers, connection to other amplification or monitor systems, or even connection to tape, CD or mini disk recording systems. 

Ground Lift Switch:
The Ground Lift is a particularly useful tool when earth loops are produced. An earth loop is recognized as a humming sound, which is normally heard as background noise. This particular kind of interference occurs when various instruments are connected to the same mains line and are connected to one another by audio signals. The Ground Lift breaks the earth in the circuit(not the earth connection proper), and in most cases succeeds in cutting over 90% of the noise. 

The volume control adjusts the output level of the speaker. 

Construction: Bass Reflex 10" woofer
Power Output: 380 watts continuous RMS / 600 watts peak (8 ohm / (0.10% THD)
Frequency response: 35 Hz - 120 Hz
Maximum SPL: 120 dB
Connections: XLR in/out, 2 crossover XLR out
Power supply: 220 Vac 50 Hz / 110 Vac 60 Hz (manual switching)
Safety: ground lift switch (anti-hum)
Controls: Volume
Mounting: 36 mm PA Standard socket mount in base and top
transport: two spring loaded carrying handle
Dimensions: 17.75in(45cm) x 13.8in(35cm) x 14.6in(37 cm) inches(H x D x W approx)
Weight: 23 Kg (approx 50 lbs)

Schertler Pub380H


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