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Schertler bluestick marine set

Schertler Bluestick Marine set 2574. This is a patented active transducer that places the miniaturized equivalent of a studio – grade condenser microphone under your guitar’s saddle. It’s the first acoustic guitar transducer to actually reproduce the sound of a guitar – instead of merely recreating it via imprecise piezo-ceramic mechanics. You’ll enjoy extended frequency response, microscopic detail and up to 30dB more dynamic range than with old technology transducers.
Made in Switzerland

Schertler bluestick marine set

This system offers the same features as the BLUESTiCK STANDARD , but instead of an internal preamp, it is delivered with our external preamp PRE-A III. This preamp has been specially engineered and designed for durability to meet the demands of hard working musicians and to be a perfect match for SCHERTLER transducers and active loudspeakers. An innovative circuit which is very stable, thanks to the choice of high quality components and to the external regulated DC power supply as well as the class A discrete design concept with volume, bass, treble, gain and a unique resonance filter, all adjustable externally, are already the reason of its success.

Schertler bluestick marine set

Schertler bluestick marine set


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