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Saramonic SR-UM10-M1

SR-UM10-M1 Replacement Lavalier Microphone with Locking 3.5mm Male for Saramonic UwMic9, UwMic10, VmicLink5, UwMic15, etc.

The SR-UM10-M1 is a replacement Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone with a gold-plated, Locking 3.5mm connector for Saramonic UwMic9, UwMic10, VmicLink5 and UwMic15 wireless systems.
It is designed to produce clear, clean broadcast quality audio with improved vocal pickup.
The SR-UM10-M1 includes a metal alligator-style lapel clip and foam windscreen.

Saramonic SR-UM10-M1

Saramonic SR-UM10-M1

Saramonic SR-UM10-M1


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