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Saramonic SR-Q2M

Saramonic SR-Q2M, handheld linear PCM audio recorder, sturdy metal housing, X/Y stereo microphone, 16-bit/96kHz, microSD card slot, USB C connector.

Sturdy metal housing
Compact and handy operation interface
X/Y stereo microphone
Easy-to-read menu and LCD display
3.5mm microphone input jack
3.5mm line input jack
Built-in speaker
Records up to 96kHz/16bit .wav audio files
Adjustable input level and headphone monitor volume controls
HOLD function to prevent inadvertent operation
Powered by two AA batteries or DC 5V USB power

A lavalier microphone and wired remote control included

Saramonic SR-Q2M

Recording channel: 2
Recovery channel: 2
Recording format: .WAV
(44.1kHz/16bit, 44.1kHz/24bit, 48kHz/16bit ,
48kHz/24bit, 88.2kHz/16bit, 96kHz/16bit)
Playback format: .WAV
(44.1kHz/16bit, 44.1kHz/24bit, 48kHz/16bit,
48kHz/24bit, 88.2kHz/16bit, 96kHz/16bit)
A/D conversion: 24-bit, 128x oversampling
D/A conversion: 24-bit, 128x oversampling
Signal processing: 32-bit
Recording media: Micro SD card (8-32GB)
MicroSDXC (64-128GB)
LCD: LCD 128*64 ( with light )
Built-in stereo mic: 90° X/Y stereo configuration
Unidirectional condenser
Minimum gain with digital attenuation: -30dB
Microphone Input: 3.5mm (1/8”) Stereo Microphone Input
Line Input: 3.5mm (1/8”) Line Level Input
Input level: 0 to -45dB
Output impedance: 2 kO
Line output: 3.5mm (1/8) stereo jack
Output load impedance: 10 kO or more
Rated output level: -10dBm
Headphone output level: 20mW + 20mW into 32O load
Built-in Speaker: 1W 8O
USB jack: Type-C
Power required: LR6 or Ni-MH AA battery X 2

Recording hours: Alkaline Battery
13.5 hours under 96kHz/16bit (wav)
19.5 hours under 44.1kHz/16bit (wav)
Weight: 150g
Dimension: 60 (W) x 167 (D) x 30 (H) mm

Saramonic SR-Q2M


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