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Saramonic RC-X

RC-X Remote Control for Digital Audio Recorders (Zoom H5, H6, H4n, H4n Pro, H2n and Sony PCM-M10, PCM-D50, PCM-D100).

Control recording, playback, volume, and markers for Zoom and Sony audio recorders
Compatible with Zoom H5, H6, H4n, H4n Pro, H2n and Sony M10, D50, D100 and more
Ultra-compact and lightweight
Passive design doesn’t require batteries
Bright LEDs make it easy to see modes in any lighting environment

The Saramonic RC-X is a compact wired remote control unit for Zoom and Sony audio recorders. It enables you to control Play, Pause, Record, Stop, Left, Right, and Volume. You can even add markers to your recordings with the remote

Portable audio recorders are capable of creating amazing sounding recordings, but one problem they all share is that they pick up the sound of your hands as you hold them and push their buttons to control them. The solution is to use the Saramonic RC-X,so you don’t need to touch the recorder at all while it’s operating.

The RC-X features a passive, battery-free design, so you never need to worry about power. Even though it works without power, it features helpful LED lights that illuminate when you connect to your recorder with the included cables. Unlike other products, the RC-X is compatible with multiple recorders from different manufacturers. It’s fully capable of controlling the Zoom H5, H6, H4n, H4n Pro, H2n and the Sony PCM-M10, PCM-D50, PCM-D100 stereo recorders and more.

Included items:
1 x Remote control unit
1 x 40” (101 cm) cable for Zoom recorders with 2.5mm to 2.5mm connectors
1 x 40” (101 cm) cable for Sony recorders with 2.5mm to 3.5mm connectors
1 x Printed manual
1 x Warranty card

Saramonic RC-X

Saramonic RC-X

Saramonic RC-X


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