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Samson STAGE X1U

Samson's Stage X1U Handheld USB Digital Wireless Bundle brings freedom, convenience and high-quality sound to your computer recordings and digital communications. Using a USB-powered receiver and a handheld transmitter with Samson’s Q6 Dynamic Microphone capsule, the Stage X1U Handheld provides 100' of wireless range, simple setup, and natural, detailed vocals. Unlike traditional wireless systems that require complex setup processes such as matching component frequencies, the Stage X1U Handheld automatically pairs the receiver to the transmitter. Direct connection to a computer's USB port enables instant transmission of audio to your DAW, VoIP and speech-to-text softwa...
re without the need for extra cables or external audio interfaces. It's even compatible with iPads and iPhones (4S and later) using Apple's Lightning to USB Camera Adapter or Camera Connection Kit (30-pin). Need to make a quick video? When used with your computer's internal webcam, the Stage X1U Handheld is ideal for creating quick audiovisuals for tutorials or music performances on YouTube. The included tripod stand and mic clip also makes the Stage X1U Handheld a perfect VoIP solution for office desktops and conference room tables. In addition to digital communication applications, the Stage X1U Handheld can be used withSamson Expedition Series Portable PAs that feature USB Wireless ports (XP106, XP800, XP1000) to create a completely mobile wireless presentation/performance solution. Up to two Stage X1U Handheld systems can be used simultaneously in the same location to accommodate multiple performers.

Samson STAGE X1U

Record wirelessly via USB to your Mac or Windows computer
Ideal for computer recording, podcasting, lectures and more
Compatible with most computer-based digital audio software
HXD1 handheld dynamic microphone transmitter with Samson Q6 mic capsule
RX1 USB receiver connects directly via USB
Transmitter offers eight hours of battery life using two AA batteries (not included)
1-touch Mute function, adjustable Volume controls
100' wireless range from transmitter to receiver
Works with iPad via Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (30-pin) or Lightning USB Camera Adapter
Use with Samson Expedition Series Portable PAs that feature USB Wireless ports
Includes tripod stand and mic clip

Samson STAGE X1U

Samson STAGE X1U


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