Sabian Big & Ugly King 22" HH

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Sabian Big & Ugly King 22" HH

Goldilocks would love the King Ride – it's the "just right" amount of dry, dark and wash. Powerful and sophisticated, it may be the most complex cymbal of the collection because depending how you strike it, it can be so many things. The King is made of B20 metal alloy, which consists of 80% copper and 20% tin. It oftens contains traces of silver. The alloy will give you an ultra-wide frequency range that can be bright, dark or anything in between. A mainstay in all types of modern music.

Sabian Big & Ugly King 22" HH

• Style: Vintage
• Metal: B20
• Sound: Dark
• Weight: Medium - Heavy

Sabian Big & Ugly King 22" HH

Sabian Big & Ugly King 22" HH


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