Sabian AA Medium Ride 20

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Sabian AA Medium Ride 20 ride cymbal
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Sabian AA Medium Ride 20

Highly versatile. Balances crisp stroke definition with a smooth blend of bright tones and a clean bell. AA cymbals are reinforced with the power and strength of multi-rolled, secret-process bronze shaped under 75 tons of hydraulic pressure, AA delivers with inner strength and outer energy. Cool for retro, right for now, these highly durable cymbals move a lot of air in any kind of music. From the Latin flavor of El Sabor to models that rock, swing, and groove, AA is extremely versatile.

Sabian AA Medium Ride 20

Size: 18"
Style: Vintage
Metal: B20
Sound: Bright
Weight: Medium

Sabian AA Medium Ride 20


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