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RYRA The Klone Gold

Ryra The Klone is an exact and carefully crafted replica of the infamous and iconic transparent overdrive pedal the Klon Centaur. It is made with the absolute best components and a deep commitment to perfection.

The pedal is known for its big, three-dimensional and open sound that cuts right through the mix. This is a pedal for guitarists who don't like pedals. The pedal is also excellent for overdriving your tube amp. You get a warm and clear overdrive sound without losing the tone of your guitar.

There are three buttons on the pedal. With the gain knob you add overdrive. This knob goes from nothing at all to a mild sweet overdrive. The treble knob returns the highs in your signal and works particularly well with humbuckers to give you more presence. The output knob sets the overall volume output of the pedal. If you use this Klone with the gain set to 0, it will act as a boost pedal.

RYRA The Klone Gold

Effect: Overdrive
Design: Analog
Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
Controls: Gain, Treble, Output
Switches: -
Bypass Mode: Buffered Bypass
Power supply: 9V DC, center negative
Power consumption: n.a.
Works (also) on batteries: Yes
Housing size: Medium
Made in: USA

RYRA The Klone Gold

RYRA The Klone Gold


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