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Rupert Neve RNDI-S

An expanded two-channel version of our best-selling RNDI, providing massive tone & headroom for all of your instruments & stereo sources. The RNDI-S’ signature sound is the product of custom Rupert Neve Designs transformers and class-A biased, discrete FET amplifiers. The carefully orchestrated union of these two elements is key to the unique response of the RNDI-S, delivering a powerful and vibrant direct sound capable of reproducing the full harmonic depth of basses, guitars, keyboards, acoustic instruments, professional line-level sources and consumer devices with a 3.5mm jack. With portable, powerful, larger-than-life tone, the RNDI-S is ready to make your stereo...
or mono direct sources shine.

Rupert Neve RNDI-S

Custom Rupert Neve Designs transformers for rich, powerful tone
Exceptional performance with any instrument
Unrivaled clarity from discrete FET amplifiers
Drives long lines with minimal loss
Rugged steel frame built for life on the road
Powered by dual 48V phantom power
Excellent phase coherence at all frequencies

Rupert Neve RNDI-S

Rupert Neve RNDI-S


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