Roland TM-6 Compact Pro Trigger Module

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Roland TM-6 Compact Pro Trigger Module

Roland introduces the TM-6 PRO Trigger Module, a compact and powerful device for professional hybrid drumming. The TM-6 PRO features 500 sampled sounds—including many newly recorded at world-famous studios—plus 268 expressive V-Drums sounds, 80 ready-to-use kits, and inputs for connecting up to 12 pads and/or drum triggers. Adding in user sample import, four assignable audio outputs, a click track, headphones monitoring, and more, the TM-6 PRO is the ultimate command center for bringing hybrid power and versatility to any acoustic drumming setup.

Today’s popular music commonly incorporates electronic percussion sounds created in the studio, and acoustic drums are often enhanced in the mix with layered samples for bigger impact and fatter tone. The TM-6 PRO makes it simple for any drummer to bring these electronic sounds and samples to their stage performances and control everything right from their kit.

From the TM-6 PRO’s panel, players can easily assign, mix, and modify sounds, apply built-in effects, monitor trigger status, and more. It’s also possible to play backing tracks directly from SD media, and use the TM-6 PRO as a USB audio interface and trigger-to-MIDI converter for a computer DAW.

The TM-6 PRO features six dual-trigger inputs that can accommodate up to 12 total trigger devices when using Y cables. Available Roland devices include V-Pads, RT-series acoustic drum triggers, the BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad, and more. There’s also a hi-hat control input for connecting an FD-8 hi-hat pedal.

Roland TM-6 Compact Pro Trigger Module

• It features 500 pre-installed one-shot sampled sounds, including sounds recorded in world-renowned studios
• 268 built-in V-Drums sounds for expressive drum performance
• 80 ready-to-play drum kits with high-quality pre-installed sounds, plus natural expressive V-Drums sounds
• Original user samples can be imported from an SD card to accurately reproduce studio sound on the stage
• Six trigger inputs available for connecting 1 to 12 * triggers or pads * Optional Y cable required
• Powerful layer function to personalize sounds
• Three Sound Modify buttons for intuitive control of volume, pitch, decay and other effects including MFX and Transient
• Newly developed Transient effect to accurately control the attack and release of drum sounds
• Independent EQ, Transient effect, Compressor and MFX for each trigger, plus Master Comp and Master EQ for mastering sounds
• Ultra-fast trigger response naturally follows your drumming
• Backing track audio data can be played directly from SD memory
• Independent volume control for SONG, CLICK and headphones
• LED indicators show the status of the triggers even in the dark
• Works as a trigger-to-MIDI converter with audio interface (8-out / 8-in)

Roland TM-6 Compact Pro Trigger Module

Roland TM-6 Compact Pro Trigger Module


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