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Roland RDT-S Drum Throne

Saddle Drum Throne.

Designed for the professional, the Roland RDT-S drum throne delivers maximum comfort without loss of support. Our proprietary blend of foam provides a forgiving, cushioning core that relieves typical pressure points, and the oversized seat features a breathable velour top that reduces heat and keeps you cool. The sturdy, double-braced chrome base and heavy-duty steel bracket provide easy height adjustment and lasting durability. Built to perform in the most demanding applications, you’ll find comfort and stability with the RDT-S drum throne.

Roland RDT-S Drum Throne

• Roland proprietary foam design provides superior comfort and support
• Oversized soft plush seat top
• Simple height-adjustment collar
• Durable commercial-grade materials
• Saddle-shape velour top and black vinyl sides
• Sturdy double-braced chrome base with steel bracket
• Min/max height: 20 in. to 27 in., 508 mm to 685.8 mm

Roland RDT-S Drum Throne

Roland RDT-S Drum Throne


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