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Rogers 33WMP Dynasonic 14x6,5

Dyna-Sonic Rogers

- Dimension: 14" x 6.5"
- Model: #33-WMP
- Finish: White Marine Pearl
- Shell: Rogers proprietary formula, maple / poplar, 5-ply selected North American hardwoods with reinforcement rings
- Lugs: 10x "Bread & Butter" lugs
- Hoops: 1.6mm triple flange, snare side hoop with snare gates
- Rogers patented "choke-free" floating snare rail system with 20 strands snare wires
- "Clock Face" strainer and butt-end
- Internal tone control
- Remo Ambassador drumheads

Made in California

Rogers 33WMP Dynasonic 14x6,5

Rogers 33WMP Dynasonic 14x6,5


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