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ProMark RBCMW Carter McLean

The ProMark Carter McLean drumstick features a custom tip shape that provides a range of sonic possibilities on any playing surface, depending on the angle of attack. With a diameter between 5A and 5B and its slightly increased length, this is one of the most unique yet versatile sticks in the ProMark portfolio.

“The idea behind this stick design is one tool to cover it all. You can
get all the power you need and at the same time all the finesse of a jazz stick. The tip design on this is
everything. Play it parallel to the cymbal and get a big, open, bright sound. Play it at a steeper angle and
get a darker, more articulate sound. It also feels and sounds incredible on a drum. There is a lot of wood
contacting the head which makes for amazing press rolls and a fat sound.”

ProMark RBCMW Carter McLean

• Wood Type: Hickory
• Finish: Lacquer
• Diameter: .570" / 14.5mm
• Length: 16 1/4" / 412.8mm
• Tip Shape / Material: Custom / Wood

ProMark RBCMW Carter McLean

ProMark RBCMW Carter McLean


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