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ProMark RBANW Anika Nilles

The ProMark Anika Nilles drumstick stick is based on our standard Rebound 7A but features a slightly thicker diameter, a more drastic taper, and a smaller tip for increased response and articulation.

“I love these sticks! They feel so different than anything I have played
before… in the most positive way. The smaller tip makes such a big difference! It is sharpening my sound
and makes it so much easier to control cleanliness in speed. In general, the stick supports me in the best
way when it comes to all the details and finesse work. Also the color and overall look is amazing!”

ProMark RBANW Anika Nilles

• Wood Type: Hickory
• Finish: Lacquer
• Diameter: .545" / 13.8mm
• Length: 16" / 406.4mm
• Tip Shape / Material: Acorn / Wood

ProMark RBANW Anika Nilles

ProMark RBANW Anika Nilles


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