Pro-Ject X2 Ortofon 2M Silver High Gloss Black

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Pro-Ject X2 Ortofon 2M Silver High Gloss Black

Real high-end features
The X2 comes with fully adjustable Azimuth & VTA. It offers you the possibility to modify your X2 as you want it.

2 kg Platter
Resonance free acryl
The perfect platform to place your precious vinyl records, guaranteeing absolute reliability in its performance and sonic character.

33/45/78 RPM
High precision motor control
A sophisticated DC/AC generator board generates clean and stable power to drive the motor. Easily change speed with the push of only a single button.

New motor suspension
A good motor by itself, is already very quiet. To get the best performance out of it, we have improved the motor suspension. The X2‘s motor chassis is carefully balanced and suspended on a precision tuned TPE belt - this way the motor chassis is effectively decoupled from the main plinth for optimal performance.

9'' Carbon-Aluminium Tonearm
Compared with its little brother the X1, the tonearm is longer - 9“ in length - and the tube has a wider diameter. The carbon/aluminium sandwhich construction results in better internal damping. The increased mass makes the tonearm an excellent fit for low compliance MC cartridges.

Metal Feet
Damped & height adjustable.
The three height adjustable damped aluminium feet guarantee the perfect stand & massively reduce risk of acoustical feedback.

Phono Cable
Semi-balanced RCA cable.
To guarantee a perfect connection to your amp you will find a high-quality phono RCA cable in the box. Our Connect it E is a semi-balanced, low-capacitance cable, with superior shielding.

Pick it 2M Silver
High-end cartridge.
This cartridge uses internal silver plated copper coils, which guarantees outstanding sonic results! The X2 is available with or without the Pick it 2M Silver.

Pro-Ject X2 Ortofon 2M Silver High Gloss Black

• Speed 33, 45, 78 (electronic speed change)
• Principle belt drive
• Speed variance 33: 0.30% 45: 0.25%
• Wow & flutter 33: 0.15% 45: 0.13%
• Platter 20mm thick, 1.5 kg heavy acryl
• Main bearing stainless steel/brass
• Tonearm 8,6” carbon/aluminium sandwich
• Effective arm length 218,5 mm
• Overhang 18 mm
• Effective tonearm mass 10,0g
• Tracking force range 0 - 30mN
• Included accessories 15volts DC /0,8A power supply, Dust cover, Connect it E Phono cable, feltmat
• Power consumption 5,0 watts max /< 0.3 watt standby
• Dimensions 415 x 125 x 335 mm (WxHxD)
• Weight 7 kg net / 9.5 kg gross weight

Pro-Ject X2 Ortofon 2M Silver High Gloss Black


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