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Presonus Revelator

Revelator: Professional USB microphone for streaming, podcasting, gaming, and more.
Whether you’re looking for a USB microphone for vlogging, podcasting, or a simple recording solution for voice-overs–or your home studio–you want a microphone that will make your voice stand out. Revelator is designed to deliver polished, professional-sounding results with ease. Create with confidence right from the start.

No matter your application, Revelator has you covered with three different pick-up patterns for maximum flexibility:

• For voice-overs or performances when you’re recording solo, use Cardioid Mode to pick up the sound you want and remove the sounds you don’t.
• Doing an interview? Change to Figure 8 Mode to use one side of the mic for the interviewer, and the other for the guest.
• When you’re ready for a round table discussion, switch to Omnidirectional Mode to pick up sound all the way around the microphone.

Whatever your application, Revelator will adapt to fit your needs.

Presonus Revelator

• Professional bus-powered USB-C-compatible microphone for podcasting, streaming, vlogging, gaming, home recording, and more
• Three different patterns to choose from:
Cardioid—for single-source applications
Figure 8—perfect for interviews and collaboration
Omnidirectional—to pick up the entire room
• Headphone Output with volume control and zero-latency monitoring
• 96 kHz / 24-bit operation for pristine audio recording
• Elegant desktop stand with built-in cable management
• Unique Multi-mode configures Revelator as three stereo devices: Revelator, Revelator Loopback 1, and Revelator Loopback 2 to make recording Zoom calls or streaming Gameplay a breeze
• 6-in/6-out audio interface
• 2 dedicated input streams for the Revelator microphone
• 2 dedicated output streams for headphone monitoring
• 4-in/4-out virtual streams for application-to-application recording and playback with loopback options for macOS and Windows
• Built-in Fat Channel with EQ, Compression, Gate, and Limiter plus Voice Effects, and Reverb
• 8 easy-to-use factory presets and 8 user presets.
• Access up to 4 presets from Revelator, additional presets are available in Universal Control
• UC Surface software mixer, effects editing and hardware control
• Studio One Artist included
• Studio Magic software bundle included
• macOS® and Windows® compatible

Presonus Revelator


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