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Presonus MicroStation BT

MicroStation BT is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to add Bluetooth connectivity to their favorite pair of studio or media reference monitors. Compact, convenient, and stylish, MicroStation BT also makes it easy to add a subwoofer to create a 2.1 listening environment while putting the overall system level control right under your fingertips.

A convenient Bluetooth input lets you wirelessly stream audio to any pair of studio or media reference monitors right from your phone. Balanced ¼” TRS inputs are provided to connect pro audio hardware, like your audio interface. A stereo ?” input is available to hardwire your phone or tablet when you don’t want to use Bluetooth.

Ready to add a subwoofer? MicroStation BT is ideal for creating a simple 2.1 system. A convenient, large knob lets you control the overall level of your speakers and sub at the same time. The Sub Bypass button lets you switch back to simple stereo listening whenever you like. A headphone output and Main Mute let you silence your speakers without stopping the tunes.

Don’t let its size fool you—with flexible connectivity and easy-to-use controls, MicroStation BT will make you wonder how you listened without it!

Presonus MicroStation BT

Inputs and Outputs
• Stereo Bluetooth input lets you add wireless connectivity to any speaker
• Stereo pair of balanced ¼” TRS and stereo ?” TRS inputs make it easy to connect both pro and consumer audio gearinputs
• Full-range Left/Right Balanced ¼” TRS to connect professional studio and media reference monitors
• Stereo ?” TRS headphone/aux output lets you connect your favorite headphones or output to a consumer device for streaming, recording, and more
• Balanced ¼” TRS and unbalanced RCA Subwoofer output to connect your favorite powered subwoofer

• Large ergonomic Volume knob controls overall full-range and subwoofer level
• Bluetooth on/off button lets you toggle between Bluetooth and analog sources and an easy-to-use pairing button lets you quickly pair your favorite Bluetooth-enabled device
• Sub Bypass button lets you mute your subwoofer without silencing your full-range speakers
• Mute button with LED lets you silence your speakers or headphones
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Presonus MicroStation BT


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