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Pioneer Toraiz Squid

Take control of your workflow and make new styles of music with the SQUIDTM. Named for the blend of functionality and creative stimulation it offers, the SQUID (SeQUencer Inspirational Device) is a brand-new multitrack sequencer in the TORAIZTM series of musical instruments and production gear. Connect all your instruments to use the SQUID as the heartbeat of your studio and live setup, and get hands-on with innovative features never seen before on this kind of equipment.

It's easy to start making unique sequence patterns and phrases as soon as you hook the SQUID up to your instruments. The layout of the controls is optimized so you can effortlessly bring your ideas to life whenever inspiration strikes, and the workflow is perfect for on-the-fly music production. All this means you can spend less time looking at the unit's display and more time creating music.

Pioneer Toraiz Squid

• Maximum number of tracks: 16 tracks
• Maximum number of patterns per track: 64 patterns
• Maximum number of steps per track: 64 steps
• Step resolution: Quarter note, Eighth note, Sixteenth note, Twenty-fourth note, Thirty-second note
• Maximum number of notes per step (polyphony: 8 notes
• Maximum number of projects: 128 projects

• 1 USB B port

Pioneer Toraiz Squid

Pioneer Toraiz Squid


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