Pioneer RMX1000 Remix Station

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Pioneer RMX1000 Remix Station

Pioneer's Remix Station RMX-1000 is an innovative technologically advanced device for enhancing DJ performances with its ability to create and add a variety of new and unique remix effects, as well as rhythmic sampling capabilities. The RMX-1000 incorporates four remixing functions: Isolate FX, Scene FX, X-Pad FX and Release FX for simple musical arrangements with intuitive control, all accessible at the user’s fingertips. The device includes Pioneer's remixbox™ editing software to enable users to customize almost every function and feature of the unit. The system can also act as a USB controller when used with the included VST/AU RMX-1000 Plug-in software.

Pioneer RMX1000 Remix Station

Pioneer RMX1000 Remix Station


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