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Pigtronix Echolution 2 Ultra Pro

The Echolution 2 are high-class stereo delay pedals, together with channel independent stereo pitch shifting, intelligent filter effects, MIDI and storage locations. One could quite easily be speaking of multi-effects pedals.

Both pedals offer in addition to several stereo delay studio-quality effects:
- Independent stereo pitch shifting effects (pitch shifts) with newly developed algorithms
- Various filter effects, applicable in stereo or mono
- All features of the predecessors, such as stereo multi-tap delay modulation, programmability, multiple displays, variety of ports, MIDI etc.

The Echolution 2 Ultra Pro is designed primarily for studio use, with added controls and displays, hence more expensive.

Pigtronix Echolution 2 Ultra Pro

- 10Ms – 10sec delay time

- True Stereo i/o

- 15 multi-tap-patterns

- Independent Pitch-Shifting of each Delay-Tap

- Tap Tempo or Manual Control

- 8 Modulations Waveforms

- 8 Filter modes

- LFO Sync to Tap and MIDI

- "Bit Crusher Destruction“ Effect

- Reverse Delay

- Ducking Delay

- Expression Pedal control of all parameters

- Envelope control of all parameters

- Ping Pong Delay

- Octave Jump Delay

- Halo “Shimmer” Effect

- Freeze Effect

- Delay Line Bypass

- Dry Kill (Mutes the original signal)

- Trails / Listen

- Remote Preset Selection

- Complete MIDI control

- MIDI out

- 60 Presets

- USB connectivity

- Free PC / MAC Editor

- 18VDC power supply included

Pigtronix Echolution 2 Ultra Pro

Pigtronix Echolution 2 Ultra Pro