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PG Music Band-In-A-Box UltraPAK Mac Download

There are over 50 exciting new features in Band-in-a-Box! We are introducing "Video RealTracks," which work like RealTracks but also include videos of the musician's performance. The Audio Chord Wizard has been redesigned and is now built into Band-in-a-Box. The Audio Harmonies feature has been added with Audio Transcription, which converts a monophonic audio track to MIDI (notation), Fix Tuning to fix an out-of-tune audio recording, and more. The new Piano Roll window enables precise graphic editing of MIDI data. We've added notation support for time signatures like 12/8, 9/8, and 6/8. The Toolbar has been enhanced with skins and more customization. You can open and save ABC notation files, which are very common song files on the internet with chords and melody. The popular Song Titles Browser is enhanced with more songs (now over 10,000), filters, and the ability to show titles that work with a specific style. StylePicker enhancements include a mixer-like control allowing clear display and style customization. The RealDrums Picker has been enhanced with the option to find similar RealDrums. The Audio Edit window is redesigned with new a GUI and features. ...and more!

RealCombos in the UltraPAK
"RealCombos" are a band of RealTracks in the same style. For example, the Jazz Swing 140 RealCombo includes 5 Real Instruments (Bass, Piano, Guitar, Sax, and Drums) that play at a medium swing 140 bpm tempo. RealCombos can be played at ANY tempo, but sound best near the listed tempo (which they were originally recorded at).

PG Music Band-In-A-Box UltraPAK Mac Download

• Band-in-a-Box
• Over 2,500 RealTracks - Listen to demos!
• 2018 49-PAK
• Over 175 MIDI SuperTracks
• Over 2,000 MIDI Styles
• Over 300 MIDI Soloists.
• Over 200 MIDI Melodists.
• 21 Nature Sounds and Percussion Loops
• 145 Artist Performances
• 1,000 Dubstep, Modern and Top 40 Loops

PG Music Band-In-A-Box UltraPAK Mac Download


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