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Pedaltrain Metro 16 Softcase

The Metro Series is Pedaltrain’s first three-rail pedal board system. Pedaltrain’s new Metro Series is perfect for players who need a portable, grab-and-go solution. Musicians who live or work in urban settings or tight spaces will appreciate Metro’s low profile, horizontal orientation.

Thanks to Pedaltrain’s new modified rail system, even the smallest pedals make an incredibly strong bond with the pedal board. Metro 16 is big enough for your essentials, including most multi effects units.

Included with purchase is 122 cm of Pedaltrain’s professional grade hook-and-loop pedal fastener and plenty of zip ties for securing cables. Thsi Metro 16 comes with Pedaltrain’s redesigned fitted soft case featuring a heavy-duty metal zipper and reinforced stress points.

Included accessories:

  • Carrying bag

Pedaltrain Metro 16 Softcase

• 40.6 x 20.3 x 3.5 cm (W x H x D)
• Featherweight, aircraft grade aluminum
• Weight: 0.62 kg

• Pedaltrain’s professional grade adhesive backed hook-and-loop for securing pedals 122 cm
• Assortment of zip ties for organizing and securing cables

Soft Case:
• Exterior: 45.1 x 24.8 x 11.4 cm (W x H x D)
• Weight: 0.91 kg

• Newly redesigned streamlined gig bag
• Custom fit for each Pedaltrain model
• Durable cordura nylon fabric
• All-metal heavy duty zipper with beefy pull tabs
• Padded carry handle
• Reinforced stress points
• New sewn-in hang tag
• Shoulder strap

Pedaltrain Metro 16 Softcase

Zeer tevreden! Mooi product!
Pedaltrain is super degelijk en lekker naar eigen inzicht in te delen. Bovendien is er altijd ruimte onder de Pedaltrain om eventuele accu's te plaatsen.
Super fijn
Had eerst op pedalboardplanner nagekeken welk pedalboard het beste bij mijn setup pastte. Ben tevreden over mijn aankoop. Stevig, makkelijk om effecten op te bevestigen en handige softcase.

Pedaltrain Metro 16 Softcase


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