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Pearl Roadshow RS525SBC/C #91 Red Wine

Regardless of when your rhythmic journey starts, Pearl's Roadshow Series has a drum set package to get you on the road to drumming greatness.

Roadshow bass drums, toms, and snare drums are formed from six plies of bonded Asian White Poplar to deliver optimum tonal power for the rising student drummer.

ROADSHOW’s included hardware package is second to none in its class. To withstand the pounding onslaught of the heavy hitting beginner, all lugs and fittings are sturdy and robust. Stands are completely adjustable and dual-reinforced.

The primary voice of the total Roadshow drum set is the Snare Drum. The snare drum included with each Roadshow kit delivers crisp sensitivity at the lightest touch and responds with powerful, belting tone at every striking level.

Where other kits on a beginner's budget fall short, Roadshow is built to hang tough through your heaviest hits. Its included stands are supported by robust, double-braced tripods. Each stand is height adjustable with die-cast tier joints, and all tilters lock to practically any position you adjust them to.

To round out the complete drum set package for the drummer on the rise, Roadshow comes complete with SABIAN Solar cymbals. Two Cymbal packages are available: 20" Ride Cymbal,16" Crash Cymbal,14" Hi-Hats and 16" Crash Cymbal,14" Hi-Hats. Exceptional for the early learning phase, SABIAN Solar cymbals are a great place-holder for basic time keeping, ride patterns, and crashing accents.

Roadshow's selection of available PVC finishes lets you showcase your unique style with durable flair.

Pearl Roadshow RS525SBC/C #91 Red Wine

• 22 x 16 Bass Drum
• 10 x 08 Tom Tom
• 12 x 09 Tom Tom
• 16 x 16 Floor Tom
• 14 x 05 Snare Drum
• S50 Snare Stand
• C50 Cymbal Stand
• BC50 Boom Cymbal Stand
• H50 Hi-Hat Stand
• P50 Bass Drum Pedal
• D50 Drum Throne
• Sabian 14" Solar Hi-Hat
• Sabian 16" Solar Crash
• Sabian 20" Solar Ride

Pearl Roadshow RS525SBC/C #91 Red Wine


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