Pearl Handheld Agogo Bells ECB-22

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Pearl Handheld Agogo Bells ECB-22

These small bells are a typical Latin American instrument. They always have a high and lower tone. They sound sharp and go smoothly through the rest of the music. They have a handy handle and can optionally be mounted on special agogo percussion clamps.

Pearl Handheld Agogo Bells ECB-22

Our Elite Series hand-held Agogo bell is an excellent performance bell. It offers an authentic Brazilian sound and tuning. You can play the Agogo bell traditionally with sticks, and you can also squeeze the flexible connecting handle to click the two bells together for an additional sound The ECB-23 has all the same great features but in a mountable version.

Our Elite Series True Tone Cowbells feature advanced, sonic engineered shapes, with precision Argon welded seams, to produce a sound quality you've just got to hear to believe. Their tone is full, clear and bright, with excellent sustain. Their angled mounting bracket features an internal eyebolt that clamps against the mounting arm creating the most secure, easy to use mounting method available.

Elite Cowbells are available in six sizes, including our Rock Bell, which features our exclusive PowerFlange edge formed into the bell.

PowerFlange is a ridge at the opening of the bell that allows it to produce a dry, controlled, yet open tone with more volume and strength than bells with plastic strips attached. With PowerFlange, you'll never have to muffle your bell again to get that great Rock Cowbell sound.

Pearl Handheld Agogo Bells ECB-22


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