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Pearl EXL725S #257 Sea Blue Fade

Top class drums for beginners!

The Pearl Export series is one of the best-selling drums series of all time. The reason for that is the premium quality and the innovative top features at an entry level price. True to the saying "there's life in the old dog yet", the legendary Export series is back to dominate the entry level range once more.

The full range of the unmistakable Export sound

In order to achieve the optimal sound the Export shells are made with the special SST (Superior Shell Technology) procedure. They are then equipped with weight-reduced lugs in a new design. The Opti-Loc mounting system by Pearl has a triangular shape and minimizes the metal-to-shell contact for optimum resonance of the drums. The 45° bearing edges and the triple-flanged 1,6mm hoops provide a low and full sound with attack.

As usual, the Export set from Pearl comes with a complete hardware set that is optimally adapted to the requirements of the Export series.

Pearl EXL725S #257 Sea Blue Fade

Pearl EXL725S #257 Sea Blue Fade

Pearl EXL725S #257 Sea Blue Fade


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