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Palmer Deepressor

The Palmer Deepressor controls the dynamics of your guitar signal for increased punch and sustain. The Compressor has been especially developed for bass guitars, it can produce a warm, punchy and sustained tone. If you crank the level all the way up, a gentle warm distortion will kick in - more than a normal compressor.

Palmer Deepressor

Inputs: 1
Input connectors: 6,3 mm Jack
Input impedance: 1 M Ohm(s)
Outputs: 1
Output connectors: 6,3 mm Jack
Output impedance: 100 k Ohm(s)
Residual noise: -85 dB
Controls: Attack, Footswitch, Level, Pad, Sustain
Indicators: On/Off
Operating voltage: 9 V Battery, 9 VDC Power Supply
Current draw: 12 m A
Cabinet material: Sheetsteel
Cabinet surface: Powder Coating
Width: 120 mm
Depth: 120 mm
Height: 60 mm
Weight: 0,79 kg

Palmer Deepressor