Paiste Sign.Reflect. 18" Thin China

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Paiste Sign.Reflect. 18" Thin China

"Paiste Reflector Cymbals. The name ""Reflector"" refers to the highly reflective surface, which has been treated in a different way. This special polishing technique would produce less heat, which may influence the sound characteristics of the metal, and mainly attenuate them. This phenomenon is therefore not an issue with these cymbals. But with the special technique, a soft, brilliant and highly reflective surface is mainly obtained. However, the production process of the Reflectors is not new and pioneering techniques of this current process were developed as early as the 1980s.

Signature Reflector Thin China 18 ""Also for the China's, the most"" common ""models were chosen for a Reflector version. The slightly pitched Signature China has a clearly predominant"" clang ""and sounds"" trashy "", while the Dimensions sound more oriental, is more explosive, and has more “wash.” Both can come out very loud, so this isn't just the case for the “Power” China."
Made in Switzerland

Paiste Sign.Reflect. 18" Thin China

Fairly trashy, bright, silvery, deep. Wide frequency range, fairly clean mix. Very explosive and cutting attack with a nice cushy feel. Well suited for a wide range of applications.

Paiste Sign.Reflect. 18" Thin China


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