Paiste 900 Series, 24" Mega Ride, Red

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Paiste 900 Series, 24" Mega Ride, Red

"900 Serie, 2002 Bronze, Red Edition The Paiste Colorsound 900 Mega Ride has a massive, vivid and deep overall tonal quality with a long sustain. Its stick sound is clearly defined and pingy with a large energetic bell that borders on piercing. Its perfect for extremely high volume situations that need clear definition on every stroke.

Paiste first pioneered color coated cymbals with COLORSOUND 5 in 1984 as a means for artistic expression during the time period when popular music became visual in music videos on television. In the 1990s VISIONS made an appearance, and in recent years certain Artist Inspiration models feature color coating - Stewart Copeland's Blue Bell Ride, Aquiles Priester's Giga Bell Ride and Danny Carey's Dry Heavy Ride. Throughout, the Color Sound finish was available for custom orders, including cymbals featured by international top artists Joey Jordison, Tico Torres and Paul Bostaph. With Color Sound 900 Paiste launches the latest incarnation in the color cymbal saga.

Color Sound 900 cymbals are based on the range of models in the concurrently launched 900 Series. While they feature essentially corresponding sound and function, the color coating causes a slightly drier sound, shortens the sustain a bit, and results in a more focused attack. Significantly, the same flexibility and giving feel as in the 900 Series is present.

Extensive research and design efforts have resulted in the most stunningly beautiful finishes: luminous translucent colors preserve the natural appearance of grooves and hammer marks and present a vibrantly radiant appearance. Notably, decades of experience have proven the Color Sound finish to be exceedingly tough and durable - the finish will not ever crack, chip or peel.
Hybrid hammering technique for dark, musical tonal quality
Loud to very loud volume
Very strong, bright ping over a large, deep wash
Finish will never crack, chip or peel"

Paiste 900 Series, 24" Mega Ride, Red

Paiste 900 Series, 24" Mega Ride, Red

Paiste 900 Series, 24" Mega Ride, Red


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