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Ortega Horse Kick Pro

Digital Stomp Box with multiple built-in digital samples of percussion sounds that can be played on its own, as a percussive instrument, or blended with your stringed instrument signal through the output.

• Digital samples of percussion instruments - just choose between 5 different percussion samples and tap your foot
• Comfortable ergonomic design for foot tapping
• Solid sapele (mahogany) wood housing
• Non-slip bottom coating
• Velocity sensitive for an expressive experience
• Seamless volume control to adjust percussion sound (blend the percussion sound with the unaffected instrument signal together through the output to one channel)
• 6,3 mm (1/4") output jack (connect your guitar, bass or any other stringed instrument with a true discrete pass-through to output)
• Powered by 9 V battery or power supply
• Free power supply and battery included!

Ortega Horse Kick Pro

Electronic: Seamless volume control

Ortega Horse Kick Pro


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