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Orla SP230 White

STAGE STUDIO white satin

Orla SP230 White

Keyboard: 88 graded hammer action keys
Polyphony: 64 notes max
Sounds: 16 sounds with single/split/layer mode
Display: back lit display
Controls: master volume, brilliance 8 levels: -4 / +4, up/down buttons
Effects: reverb: room, hall, theatre - chorus
Sequencer: 2 tracks sequencer, play
Demo: 20 demo songs
Tuning: transpose/pitch
Metronome: click, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/8
Pedals: sustain/soft/sostenuto (sustain pedal included)
Dynamic: 4 types: hard/normal/light – no dynamic
Bluetooth: Bluetooth ready
Headphone: 2 headphone sockets
Midi: midi on/off
Connections: Bluetooth connector, L/R outputs, L/R inputs, USB to host,
midi in/out/thru, pedal 1 & 2 connectors, DC12V power
Amplification: 2 x 12 W

Orla SP230 White


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