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Nexi Industries NEXI BASS 4 slot pedalboard

What if ……you could have a bass pre-amp build in a solid waterproof 4-slot pedal board with a built-in Tuner with huge display, 3 step Booster, 12VDC external output and power supply?

That would be awesome right!

So… don’t look any further because NEXI Industries made it happen with the NEXI BASS

No more numerous patch cables, 9V batteries “that will run out of power during a gig”, or multiple external power sources to complicate your stage set-up and can cause hum!

Now what has the NEXI Bass to offer?

First of all, the NEXI BASS is a completely waterproof 4 slot powered pedalboard. You can hook up four regular pedals using the ConNEXI adapter and don’t have to worry about cables and power issues. This is all covered.

Besides your own pedals, NEXI provides a great line of true bypass, analog bass effect pedals, you can easily click in the NEXI Bass.

Just think about the possibility to change the order of your pedals in the signal chain just in one (or 2 or 3) click(s).

Create your optimal pedalboard 5 minutes before the gig and you’re ready to go.

You can also leave your tuner pedal and your volume pedal at home because the NEXI BASS carries a build in Tuner and a 3 step clean booster.

All of these features on the NEXI BASS are already game changers in comparison to every ordinary pedalboard out there.

But….. in addition the NEXI BASS also carries a built in pre-amp with voiced balanced and unbalanced outputs which gives you even more options!

These days a lot of bands out there are playing their gigs without any backline.

Think about all the modeling guitar gear out there. With the voiced pre-amp on board of the NEXI BASS it provides you to go direct into a mixer (P.A.) without losing your analog sound!

Off course you can go direct to the input of a bass amp, use the Pre-Amped DI together at any time and still enjoy the flexibility your NEXI BASS has to offer.

It’s all up to you!

Nexi Industries NEXI BASS 4 slot pedalboard


Nexi Industries NEXI BASS 4 slot pedalboard


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