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Neutrik NE8MX6 Black

etherCON CAT6A cable connector self-termination, for insulation diameter > 1.1 mm, black plating

The set NE8MX6-B includes a cable plug carrier offering a robust metal shell, proven Neutrik chuck-type strain relief and a CAT6A RJ45 plug. The set is suitable for a cable diameter range of 7 mm to 9.5 mm and wire gauge of AWG24/1 - AWG22/1 (solid) or AWG24/7 - AWG22/7 (stranded).

Attention! Does not intermate with the CAT6 chassis connectors NE8FDY-C6 and NE8FDY-C6-B.

Neutrik NE8MX6 Black

Neutrik NE8MX6 Black

Neutrik NE8MX6 Black


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