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Nektar Panorama P1

Nektar has released the Panorama P1, a new USB controller surface that offers deep integration with Cubase and Reason. With a built-in display and four modes of operation, the Nekar Panorama P1 is intended to be a complete solution for controlling your DAW. Mixer mode, instrument mode and transport mode lend an instant helping hand to various parameters of your DAW, while internal mode makes the P1 into a freely assignable MIDI controller.

There are preset maps for most popular plug-ins but it's also possible to MIDI learn any parameter with a simple click-and-twist. Function keys allow for QWERTY key-command macro assignments for extremely swift functions. Add a new audio with a single button press.

Nektar Panorama P1

Nektar Panorama P1

Nektar Panorama P1


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