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Mooer Varimolo

The Mooer Audio Varimolo digital tremolo pedal is a compact pedal that gives you three distinct tremolo sounds: NORMAL, FILTER and VARIABLE. NORMAL is, as the name suggests, a conventional tremolo tone, while FILTER adds a psychedelic edge to the effect. VARIABLE creates rhythmic changes from the original speed for a more dynamic and unpredictable overall sound.

Mooer Varimolo

• Tremolo Pedal with three modes
• Depth control
• mini controls for Rate and Shape
• toggle switch for modes (Normal, Filter, Variable)
• Input: 6,3 mm monaural jack
• Output: 6,3 mm monaural jack
• True Bypass
• solid metal housing
• status LED
• Power, optional (ME ADAPTER WALL EU): 9V DC power supply (center minus plug), 2,1 mm jack
• Current Draw: 130 mA
• Dimensions (D x W x H): 93,5 mm x 42 mm x 52 mm
• Weight: 145 g

Mooer Varimolo


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