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Monkey Banana Lemur 5 Black

Six in One – The Lemur5 is an active modelling studio monitor speaker.

What makes it to be so special?

Lemur5 got it´s very own signature and on demand it can also sound like other well-known speakers.

The build in digital signal processor in combination with the modelling technology and it´s other components makes this possible.

Next to 6 different Speaker Presets , room compensation fine tuning functions like 3 Step Low Cut, Midrange Bell Filter, High Shelfing Filter and other features such as Limiter On/Off function, standby On/Off function are available.

No matter if you prefer this or that speaker or if you just can´t decide which one to buy. Get them all. Buy one speaker and get Six.

This 5 1/4 “ studio monitor is equipped with an aluminium tweeter to guarantee stress less mixing sessions with high resolution over a long period.

Lemur5 speakers integrates a Kevlar Woofer for Low Frequency Response. The Lemur5 is Class D powered and DSP controlled.
These versatile and singular new monitors are equally adequate as Studio critical listening near field monitors, Multimedia production or exuberant HIFI or A/V reproduction.

Monkey Banana Lemur 5 Black

Monkey Banana Lemur 5 Black


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