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Monacor SM-1 Digital Sound Level Meter

The SM-1 sound level meter is the ideal tool for the engineer who wants accurate and hassle-free measurements anywhere he goes. With a measuring range from 40 to 130 decibels (A-weighted) and an accuracy of ±3.5dB (94dB/1kHz) from its electret microphone cartridge, the SM-1 does not disappoint on precision, while one-hand operation and a backlit LED lisplay (that switches off automatically when not needed) give it usability too. 6.3mm (¼") thread.

Monacor SM-1 Digital Sound Level Meter

Display: 3 digits, LCD, 17mm
Frequency range: 100-8,000Hz
Measuring range: 40-130dB
Resolution: 0.1dB
Accuracy: ±3.5dB (94dB/1kHz)
Admiss. ambient temp: 0-40 °C
Power supply: 9V battery (not supplied)
Dimensions: 53x130x34mm
Weight: 130g

Monacor SM-1 Digital Sound Level Meter